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About us:

My love for dobermans began over 30 years ago, when I bought Marriah - a floppy eared, bright-eyed, black and rust female dobie puppy. She stole my heart within the first few minutes I had her, and amazed me daily with her almost human ability to rationalize and reason. From her keen alertness to her whimsical sense of humor, it was clear from the beginning that the doberman was a breed unlike any I had known.

With my children now raised and out on their own (and a bit of "empty nest" syndrome), it became apparent that I was in need of pursuing a special hobby. Being as I have always been a strong animal lover and advocate - it didn't take long for me set my sights on something pet oriented. And from there I knew I only had one logical choice... The doberman.

My initial research led me to realize much had changed over the years in the doberman. Unlike the backyard breeders of yester-year, responsible breeders had been working diligently for decades to perfect the breed. The doberman appearance had become refined, and genealogical flaws and diseases could be largely eliminated through testing and selective breeding. But what perhaps impressed me the most was the success accomplished in producing a more stable and gentle temperament in the doberman. This was of great importance to me as I had grandchildren and neighborhood kids to consider.

Thus, my main concerns on choosing dobermans as my special hobby had been put to ease. Those with lineages where careful breeding standards have been practiced no longer carry the reputation of being unpredictable or aggressive. Rather, today's doberman is known as a gentle, affectionate, and loyal family pet - with the natural intuitive ability to discern when a real threat is being posed to his/her love ones.

Well-bred dobermans have it all... Brains, beauty, style, agility, and good temperament. They are the total package!

There were several factors I had to consider in my quest to find the perfect pup. With health being my foremost concern, I wanted to make certain my puppy would not have any of the hereditary and congenital disorders that are common to the doberman breed. Most of the breeders I corresponded with were responsible in routinely testing their sires and dams for heart, hip/elbow, thyroid, and eye problems. However, I noticed there was one disease, Von Willebrand Disease (vWD) - a bleeding disorder, which many of the breeder's dogs were either affected or carriers of. Because vWD could be tested for (and avoided) I personally opted to only purchase vWD "clear" dobermans, as it seems to me it would only benefit the entire breed to eliminate this factor in future generations.

Next, I researched the longevity in the lineages of any prospective litters I considered acquiring my puppy from, as good long lifespans of previous generations are reliable indicators that my puppy, and future generations, will live long healthy lives. A healthy doberman can live from 12 to even 15 years old, and I wanted to be as sure as possible I would not be having to say good-bye to my pet(s) prematurely.

My final challenge was to select the best all-round dobe puppy to begin my special hobby with. After months of corresponding with innumerous reputable breeders and extensive researching, I found Cali.  (Learn about Cali here.)

My goals in raising Celestial Dobermans are simple:

  • To ensure the betterment of the breed.
  • To produce only healthy puppies, which are well-socialized from day one.
  • To breed for beauty and great conformation.
  • To be the most reputable and responsible breeder/owner possible.
  • To make certain that all of my puppies go to the best of homes, where they will live long, healthy, and happy lives.

At Celestial Dobermans, our pets are more than just animals... They are our family members. Our dobermans are never caged or kenneled, and even sleep with us in our beds! They are doted on with much attention and affection on a daily basis... They are truly pampered pets!

Please take your time and enjoy going through the Celestial Doberman website, and you will see why a Celestial Doberman puppy might be the best choice for you.


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